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What is your happiest memory? Describe it in rich detail — the setting, the sights, the sounds, the smells.

When I gave P the leopard I’d made for him – and it wasn’t even beautifully crafted or anything – he’d smiled and said thank you; and left it on the table, so people could see it.

After that, I even heard that he’d taken a photo of it and put it on facebook, but since I don’t have his facebook I can’t see the photo. But I have a photo that I took, and here it is:


I basically used Nekoyama’s amineko pattern for the main body (I always wanted to try making one anyway) and changed the ears and embroidered the details in brown yarn. To be really honest, I know it looks nothing like leopard print unless I directly say so. Oh, and I made the bow tie in hot pink :3 ‘cos P is a fashion icon hehe ^^

I might put the pattern for my ears and bow tie up if I have more time, but I dunno because it isn’t a complete pattern by me, but rather I modified it from an already available cat pattern (because there kinda wasn’t a leopard pattern online which I felt was satisfactory >_>) and I didn’t write it down so I might have forgotten.

Anyway, I started amigurumi as a way of making gifts for the people I care about, because I felt origami was too fragile and easily lost/crumpled. I feel happy when I see people enjoy my gifts, and especially when they’re so amazed that I actually made them ^^

Thanks for reading ♡