Today’s post will be about the gingerbread man that i made by myself yay 😀 (it’s my first pattern!) although it doesn’t really look like one because it’s 3D and looks more like Sackboy from Little Big Planet (or so I’m told.) Personally I’ve never played Little Big Planet, I don’t know what it’s about but it apparently has this character Sackboy which has a cute big round head and a zipper down his front.

Without further ado, I present to you: The 3D Gingerbread Man!


(I did get rid of the little loop at the bow tie later, but I don’t have a better picture before I gave him away, sadly.)

Free pattern: 

this pattern assumes you have basic crocheting knowledge and can single crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch and know your back loops from both loops. this pattern is worked in both loops most of the time, and in one continuous spiral. I suggest a small piece of scrap yarn or a stitch marker to be used at the beginning of each row so you don’t lose count.


sc: single crochet
inc: increase – 2sc in one stitch
dec: decrease – sc2tog may be more familiar.
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain


Row 1: 6sc in magic ring [6]
Row 2: inc in all [12]
Row 3: *sc, inc* x6 [18]
Row 4: *2sc, inc*x6 [24]
Row 5: *3sc, inc*x6 [30]
Row 6: *4sc, inc*x6 [36]
Row 7: *5sc, inc*x6 [42]
Row 8-15: sc even [42]
(if adding shank eyes like I do, put them around row 15. At row 15, I sc
15, sc one eye in, sc 10, sc the other eye in, and sc 15 to complete the row. If using safety eyes, refer to the picture and try to judge where the general
area for poking them in should be. I think most people use safety eyes but I
use shank buttons so ><; sorry.)
Row 16: *5sc, dec*x6 [36]
Row 17: *4sc, dec*x6 [30]
Row 18: *3sc, dec*x6 [24]
(Here’s a good time to embroider the smile or whatever mouth you
want – sad, horizontal line, etc – in red/whatever colour you want. Then, you
might want to stuff the head here, and add a bit more once you’re past the
Row 19: *2sc, dec*x6 [18]
Row 20-21: sc even [18]
(this is the neck. I put it in so he has a place to have a bow tie, but you
can dec all the way and make the head into a sphere and join the body on
separately if you prefer.)
Row 22: *2sc, inc*x6 [24]
Row 23: *3sc, inc*x6 [30]
Row 24: *4sc, inc*x6 [36]
Row 25-29: sc even [36]
(if you want the body to be shorter, longer, fatter or thinner just
adjust the number of increase/sc even rows as you wish, I suppose. It would
be best to have a piece of paper or something to keep track of the row
number, though.)
Row 30: *4sc, dec*x6 [30]
Row 31: *3sc, dec*x6 [24]
Row 32: *2sc, dec*x6 [18]
(Note: you might want to start stuffing here, or maybe a bit before if you’re
using thinner thread)
Row 33: *sc, dec*x6 [12]
Row 34: dec x6 [6]

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing the bottom hole. Sew it up, then hide the
end inside the body.


Row 1: 6sc in magic ring [6]
Row 2: *sc, inc* x3 [9]
Row 3-5: sc even [9]
(originally I wanted longer proportionate gingerbread man arms but I got lazy and pressed the first stub to the body and was all like *squeeeeeee omg so cute* so I left it as that.)

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. Make both arms first, position them on the body with pins if needed (and a wee bit of stuffing!), then sew them on.


Row 1: 6sc in magic ring [6]
Row 2: inc x6 [12]
Row 3: in back loops only, sc even [12]
Row 4-5: in both loops, sc even [12]
Row 6: *sc, dec* x4 [8]
Row 7-8: sc even [8]
(since I made the arms before the legs, the legs are tiny too. and the blo stitches helps make a little angle – I think – so that the legs look better. to me, anyway xD )

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. As with the arms, I suggest you make both first and then position them – sitting/standing/funny angles – before sewing them on.


Row 1: ch 6
Row 2: sc in second chain from hook, continue sc down the row [5] ch 1, turn
Row 3: 5sc [5]
(okay these kind of aren’t rows anymore so I’ll just list them as dashes)
-3 sl st (to the centre st)
-turn your work 90 degrees and sl st down the centre of the rectangle tightly and continue to the other side. (this makes the rectangle pinched in the centre and so makes it look like a bow tie shape)
-at the centre of the back, ch 20
-arrange the bow tie around the neck and sew the free end to the centre of the bow part.

Fasten off, weaving in the loose ends as best as you can.

You’re done~!

Optional: If you want him to be able to hang from a bag or something, pick up a stitch from the top of his head using his main body colour/grey/any colour if you don’t mind so much. chain a chain twice as long as his body and then a few more so it can loop around him easily. sew the free end to where you picked up the stitch.

Ideas/variants: Embroider gumdrop buttons, make a belt, vest, a diaper, anything! Be creative (:

Please don’t sell or reproduce any part of this pattern. Feel free to make some for yourself or as gifts, and you may sell the dolls if you make some, but not for any factory/mass production purposes! When selling, please do not claim the design as your own. Please clearly credit the design to Ealserb/amiguruminutiae, and if you want to share the pattern, please do not put any part of this pattern on your site/store and, instead, provide a link to this wordpress blog. Thank you for your understanding, and hope you have fun crocheting! ^^